Why you need Loanist

What's better than spending less time and energy to achieve more than you used to. Besides allowing you ample time to focus on most important business operations and activities, Loanist is a tool for tracking business progress (Incomes, Expenditure, Loans Out etc) in basic timeframes, like annually, monthly etc.

System Features

Loanist is pimped with great features and crafted to operate on a clean easy to understand and use Interfaces. Some of these are as follows:

Data Management

Store, Access or modify information accurately on clients, Loans, Loan Payments, Organizational expenses, Overdue loans and Official letters from the system.


Know what happened in the system while you were away. This feature also has an important optional module that allows for SMS/Email notifications to clients.

Data BackUp

Run your firm with peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure as the system sends a copy of your data to our secure servers everyday.

Access Controls

Company staff have different levels of data access. E.g. A secretary may not be allowed to delte data. We support customized access rights as per a company.

Letter Writing

The system is integrated with your letter head - all letters written are saved for future references and can be printed or exported and send over then internet.

Elevated Security

Loanist is equipped with a authentication system wich allows only registered users to access the system's data. All passwords are encrypted for elevated security.

Reports & Receipting

Print or export report data into printable pdfs for reference purpose. It also enables and organization to print receipts to clients when they make a loan payment.