Domain Names

Every one is thinking of a unique busienss name and yours could be taken anytime, but you can reserve your domain name and keep scammers aways away; .com domains, .net domains, .org domains or any other TLD (Top Level Domain) you can think of.

Most common extensions Pricing

Get your domain an affordable price with no hidden costs. The first time pricing is the amount you will be renewing the domain with.

  • .com
    Ksh 1500
  • .net
    Ksh 1600
  • .org
    Ksh 2000
  • .info
    Ksh 1300
  • .biz
    Ksh 1500
  • .pro
    Ksh 1500
  • .in
    Ksh 1100
  • .xyz
    Ksh 1500
  • .guru
    Ksh 3700
  • .actor
    Ksh 4400
  • .store
    Ksh 7200